Uluberia College provides inclusive education which aims to educate all students including students with special/exceptional needs. The barrier free environment of this college makes all facilities accessible to all students. Not only the infrastructural facilities that are available in the college, like ramp, bathrooms, wheelchairs etc but the barrier free environment of this college leads all teachers to provide teaching through multiple means of presentation. These includes uploading of audios as and when required in the You-tube channel of the college, giving verbal instruction regarding examinations etc to the differentially able students and above all adoption of an attitudinal change (by teachers , nonteaching staff and students) while dealing with them. Teachers continually keep on experimenting with newer and better strategies to deal with each disability.

Uluberia college is deeply concerned about the green environment in and around the college. The college has therefore initiated “The Green Campus Programme” that actively promotes various projects for environment protection and sustainability. The different facets of the green campus programme are water conservation, electricity conservation , tree plantation, waste management, paperless work, mapping of biodiversity etc. An ISO certified company (Sonar Bharat Environment and Ecology Pvt Ltd. ) has been engaged to execute green audit for the whole campus of Uluberia College. At present there is a separate e-waste store room, solid waste dustbin, biodegradable and non degradable dustbin, Solar panel , noise meter green generator, instrument to measure air quality ,waste water sampling system , drinking water sampling system etc.

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