Campus Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations For Teachers and Administrative staff:

Statutes of Higher Education Dept., Govt. of West Bengal are implemented.


Rules and Regulations For Students:

Apart from the statutes of University of Calcutta, the following rules have to be observed on-campus:

1. No student shall sell or advertise products on-campus, or collect money as contribution/donation for tours, educational visits, charity or picnics without a written permission from the Principal.

2. No student should participate in any on-campus social gatherings, meetings and programs, without a written permission from the Principal.

3. No studentshall organise any program within college premise and engage other students in it without a written permission from the Principal.

4. Smoking, tobacco-chewing and use of drugs are strictly prohibited in the college premises.

5. Spitting inside the college campus, on the walls, stairs, floor, etc. is strictly prohibited. Defaulters shall be punished severely.

6. Ragging is strictly prohibited. If found guilty of ragging, the perpetrator will be dealt as per Supreme Court of India directives.

7. Donning expensive jewelleries on-campus is discouraged as its loss will not be addressed by the Institution.

8. Students must always wear their Identity Card, issued by the college and present it for verification whenever demanded by the college authorities.

9. Students must visit the Notice sections in the Uluberia College website and in College App, daily, to follow instructions as laid down. Any loss on part of the student for not having followed the Notice board will not be entertained by the institution.

10. Students must eagerly participate in all cultural activities, games, sports and co-curricular activities with utmost spirit and passion.

11. Students must attend Lectures / Tutorials/ Practical Classes regularly. Minimum 75% attendance per term is necessary as per University of Calcutta rules.

12. Students must be in their classes on time. Attendance will not be given to late comers.

13. Students should make use of College Library frequently, access E-library portal and must not loiter in the college premises in free period.

14. Students must not do anything on-campus that may interfere with institution’s administration and discipline.

15. Students will face disciplinary actions for disobedience, misconduct and violent behaviour.

16. Students must take proper care of college property. Any college property damage, like disfiguring walls, doors, windows, fittings, furniture and such other things is a punishable offence.

17. No picnics, socials, excursion or tours shall be arranged without a written permission of the Principal. If students participate in an unofficial picnic or tour, the College shall not be responsible for anything that happens during the picnic or tour.

18. While conducting on-campus debates or meetings, a faculty member, approved by the Principal, will chair the session and subject of debates or lectures must have the prior approval of the Principal.

19. Matters not covered by the existing rules will be at the discretion of the Principal.

Rules for Withdrawal and Transfer

1. Students, deciding to withdraw after admission, cannot claim for a refund except for the refundable fees, deposited at the time of admission - as per UGC and Higher Education Dept., Govt. of West Bengal rules.

2. The Institution reserves the right to transfer any student if his/her conduct and performance are not satisfactory or are harmful to others.

3. Transfer Certificate to be issued only after all dues and liabilities have been cleared by the student.

4. Refundable fees can be withdrawn only at the end of session.

The Principal, in consultation with the Governing Body, reserves the right to change, modify or omit any of the rules and regulations above which are otherwise binding upon the students of Uluberia College

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