Dr. Shibsankar Das, Coordinator, IQAC

Uluberia College IQAC was formed in July, 2007, after the first NAAC Accreditation. Dr. Aditi Bhattacharya, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy, has been acting as the Coordinator from the very inception of IQAC. The main mission of IQAC is quality enhancement of our esteemed institution.

Present composition of IQAC:

  1. Dr. Debasish Pal, Chairman, IQAC
  2. Dr. Shibsankar Das, IQAC Coordinator.
  3. Dr. Tapas Samanta, Bursur
  4. Dr. Siddhartha Sankar Bhattacharya, Faculty Member
  5. Dr. Chandana Giri, Faculty Member
  6. Dr. Jayashree Sarkar, Faculty Member
  7. Dr. Nikhil Chandra Halder, Faculty Member
  8. Dr. Shubhomoy Ghosh, Faculty Member
  9. Sri Rakesh Ghosh, Faculty Member
  10. Dr. Arup Kumar Sarkar, Faculty Member
  11. Sm. Kasturi Saha, Faculty Member
  12. Dr. Pijus Kanti Das, Faculty Member
  13. Sri Sandip Dolui, Faculty Member
  14. Dr. Shirsendu Das, Faculty Member
  15. Dr. Basabdatta Ghosh, Faculty Member
  16. Sri Duranta Mistri, Librarian
  17. Sm. Supti Ghata, GB Member
  18. Dr. Swapan Kumar Das, GB Member
  19. Sri Apurba Bikas Biswas, Accountant
  20. Sujauddin Ahmed, Alumni & Local Representative
  21. Student Representative (GS)

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