Policies and Procedures

Uluberia College has well defined policy for maintenance and utilization of all its physical academic and support facilities.

Different subcommittees have been formed and endorsed by the Governing Body, the highest administrative authority of the Institution, to carry out the task of forming policies and determining rules and procedures.

  1. Academic Support

Academic subcommittee is mainly concerned with the academic matters and important academic decisions are taken in consultation with this committee. All the departments follow the syllabus of our affiliating University. Every year an Examination Committee is formed to carry out the internal as well as External (University) examination process.

  1. Maintenance of Library

For the maintenance of library infrastructure and facilities the Library Subcommittee is held responsible. This includes purchase of books, procure of journals and periodicals, proper usage of library facilities including e-library facility (partial), access to e-journals (Institute subscribes only N-List) usage of computers in library etc.Library service is also provided to our ex-students who are pursuing higher studies.

  1. Maintenance of Laboratory

The laboratory equipment, specimens and other necessary chemicals are purchased by the office of the Principal as per the requisition of the departments.Equipment in all the laboratories is maintained through annual maintenance contracts. Day-to-day Maintenance of the laboratory equipment is primarily made by the Laboratory staff under the able guidance of the faculty members.

  1. Maintenance of Computers and IT facilities

Purchase Subcommittee decides to purchaseIT equipment as per recommendation received from the departments and the office of the college. Maintenance of the computers is carried out by appointing external agencies who take care of installing software’s, operating systems and other applications of all the computers of the institute.

  1. Maintenance of Buildingand other Support facilities

All classrooms, seminar halls, laboratories, Hostel, Boys’ and Girls’ Common Room, Students’ Canteen and Gym etc are maintained under the supervision of Building and Infrastructure subcommittee. A caretaker-cum-electrician of the institute always takes stalk of the working capacity of the electrical gadgets as well as the furniture of the classrooms and laboratories and informs the members of the Building and Infrastructure subcommittee for taking necessary steps if needed. Institute has appointed an engineer for estimating the conditions of old buildings and repairing work.

  1. Maintenance of Sport facilities

We have no Sports Complex in our Campus. Arrangements have been made for indoor games like Carrum and Table Tennis both in Girls’ and Boys’ Rest rooms. College authority has taken permission from Uluberia Municipality to use the Stadium Ground for the practice in athletics, football, cricket etc. The institute has introduced Karate since January 2013 and the students are provided with all sorts of facilities regarding Karate.

In every academic session Principal and IQAC Coordinator along with the members of the subcommittees use to take account of the activities of the committees and to find out how far the policies have been carried out. In the meetings new policies, if necessary, are formed to meet the new challenges that emerge in course of time.





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