There are two separate common rooms for boys and girls. Common room is the place where students from all disciplines mingle and share their views and opinion on various topics. This is the perfect platform where students can form strong bonds among themselves.

Boy’s Common Room:

The Boy’s common room is spacious having 6 ceiling fans. Boys can indulge in indoor games like Carom , Chess, Ludo and Table –tennis while being in the common room. 

Girl’s Common Room:

The Girl’s common room is also spacious with 5 fans and is specially designed to provide girl students of the college a place to relax study and have informal talks in the free time available. There is provision of indoor games too. Indoor games available in the girl’s common room are Carom, Chess and Ludo.   There is a sanitary vending machine in the Girls common room too. Both the boys and girls common room has suitable indoor games facilities within them.

Excellence if achieved by a student in any of the Games available in the common room is identified and necessary support to pursue with it is provided.

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