Considering modern education and research needs use of internet and Wi-Fi technologies, Uluberia College provides internet connection to all teachers and students during their stay in college. Whole Uluberia College has good coverage of Wi-Fi with high speed internet connection. All classes are taken through College App which runs with help of internet service. All Departments and library are included within the Wi-Fi coverage.

Wi-Fi routers are placed at convenient locations of the college to ensure that Wi-Fi connectivity is not disrupted and teaching –learning process is not hampered in any way. If, at any point there arise a problem with internet service, conventional way of teaching and learning is followed. Wi-fi coverage is checked and maintained by agency entrusted for the purpose. Work of agency is regularly monitored by college authority. All classrooms, laboratories and the teacher’s room of the college have internet connection. All departments are connected with the principal - office with LAN.

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